Do you want to help out a teen parent and their child? They are asking for a book.

ReadThis been asked to help the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center collect books for their teen parents. The books could come at any time, but ideally, it would be great to have some to distribute at their holiday party which is coming up on December 9th. So if you love reading, want to help, and have a new book to give, or a book in good enough condition that you would give it to a friend, please read on.

duckThe program

The Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center provides free medical care – including dental and optical services – and mental health care for disadvantaged adolescents ages 10-24, as well as a range of specialized services. One of these specialized services is a Teen Parenting Program, which folds parent education and peer support activities into the primary care services. Part of the services is a Reach Out and Read Program is geared towards the children of the center’s teen parents; the children’s  ages range from newborns to 7 years old. The goal is to help the parents engage in reading with their kids, and learn more about being a great parent.

They want books

Board books, picture books, and easy reader chapter books would be wonderful.

Also, any books on parenting or parent child activities, etc. would also be of use. The Teen Parents range from 13 – 24 years, and primarily come from disadvantaged backgrounds. In addition to medical and mental health care, one of the goals through Reach Out and Read and the Teen Parenting Program is to provide education on the children’s growth and development and creating strong bonds, which is accomplished through a variety of activities throughout the year, celebrating the holidays, gardening activities in the summer, and more. Any parenting books or magazines, that provided health or parenting tips, activity ideas for kids, information on healthy cooking and eating, etc. would be incredibly useful. Books and magazines should be relevant to an inner city urban youth.

As for condition, new is always ideal, but the center could definitely use and distribute gently used books that are in good condition. For the newborns through two, books should only be new for health reasons (as they tend to chew on books).
Where to send your books

The mailing address is:

attn: Margaret Menghini

Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center
320 East 94th Street, 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10128.

If you have further questions, please email us at

Let’s try to get them a good supply for the holiday party.

Donate your gently used children’s books to help make a literacy night

The UFT Charter School in East New York is trying to do a book giveaway on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 to encourage students and their families to read together. The school is a Title 1, high needs school (K-8th grade, students ages 5 through 12) in East New York. Please scan your shelves for books your kids no longer need. Or buy a copy of your favorite book from when you were a young reader and mail them in. The only caution is that the nonfiction needs to be up-to-date. Also please do not donate books with underlining. The books may be sent to the address below. Book rate is extremely reasonable. Please try to mail them to arrive at the school no later than March 3rd.

The UFT Charter School

Attn: Teresita/ReadThis book donation

300 Wyona Street

Brooklyn, NY 11207

And if you are able to donate books, please email us at to let us know how many books you are sending. We will let the school know what level of help they can expect. Thank you for helping young readers! (And please spread the word)

A ReadThis member helps child hospital literacy program build back after Sandy (still building back)

Here is the thank you from the hospital literacy program. One round of donations made a big difference:

I want to thank you for your ongoing support for our program. [ReadThis member] Sarah Vining… called me last week to tell me she had been collecting children’s books to donate to a program in need. She also mentioned that you suggested for her donation to come to us. Yesterday we received 15 boxes of beautiful books. And I know more boxes are on their way. Last year, we lost our entire book inventory due to the flooding we had during Super Storm Sandy. The journey to recovery has been amazing and encouraging as we’ve found so much support from caring individuals and organizations like yours.

Last November we were featured in PBS NewsHour and a lot of people learned about our program that way. Two weeks ago, they aired the piece again. Learning Matters did a fantastic job of filming and putting this piece together. If you didn’t have a chance to see it, here is the link:

Thank you once again for your support. Let me know if you would be interested in coming for a visit at some point so you can see the program in action.

Have a great day!


Claudia Aristy,


Children of Bellevue’s Reach Out and Read

Thank you from South Dakota. You got kids reading…

In 2012, ReadThis members donated 95 new wishlist books to the Oglala reservation library in South Dakota.

The Oglala Lakota College Library, with its several branches, is the only community library for the entire Pine Ridge Reservation. Located in the beautiful but harsh Badlands of South Dakota, Pine Ridge has the lowest per capita income in the U.S. and not a single bookstore. The librarians are working hard to improve services for children–and you helped them greatly by buying they wanted for their young readers.

ReadThis would like to thank our board member, Katha Pollitt, for all she did to organize this drive; Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn for posting the wishlist and being such a wonderful partner in encouraging people to buy the books and get them out to the reservation; and we would especially like to thank our members who purchased the 95 books. What a great contribution to these young readers! Here is a thank you from the librarian at Oglala, which we received just before the holidays:

This is just a note to the best of the best…..all of you out there that care about kids and care about a  library…… Thank you so much for your interest and generosity in our young people on the Pine Ridge Reservation!!! We are always looking for ways to get ‘our’ kids into the reading spirit and these books were absolutely wonderful! We send many, many good wishes to you and our friends for all you do,  happy days and holidays forever after!!!   Rest easy and stay well my friends!!!!

Michelle May, Director

OLC Woksape Tipi Academic & Public Library
Kyle, South Dakota

Send great, gently used or new children’s books to a Sandy daycare center in need!

We should be able to do this easily!: A daycare center on the Lower East Side of Manhattan was greatly affected by Sandy and was completely flooded out. They have lost all of their books and materials for the children. They have approximately 30-40 children, ages 2-5. If you can donate great books (new or gently used) for that age group, please email us at and let us know approximately how many you will be sending (very inexpensive Book Rate) or drop off. We will give you all the contact information that way because we are trying to make sure the center gets only as many books as they can handle. Thank you!!

The Lower East Side, after Sandy, not far from the daycare center.

A perfect moment to buy a book for a kid

We are trying to raise books from the wishlist at the Oglala Library, which serves people of all ages.

The Oglala Lakota College Library, with its several branches, is the only community library for the entire Pine Ridge Reservation. Located in the beautiful but harsh Badlands of South Dakota, Pine Ridge has the lowest per capita income in the U.S. and not a single bookstore. The librarians are working hard to improve services for children–and you can help by donating new books for them to borrow.
The books listed here are those requested by the library. You can purchase them from Greenlight Bookstore and they will be shipped to the library free of charge. (Please note the quantities needed for each title; quantities will be updated as books are purchased.)

Here’s the link to the registry:

Thank you for all of your help! And we will let you know when we’ve gotten the job done.

Need a coffee? It could help buy a book.

This very adorable independent bookstore in Cedarhurst, New York, has volunteered to help ReadThis projects by donating profits from their coffee sales to buy books for kids in need of great reading material. If you are in that area, please stop by the store, order up your Joe and know that the money will be helping get books to kids in under-served public schools.

Here is the link to the store: We will let you know in a few months what your coffee buys.

Wrap It Up at Greenlight This Saturday!

Come to the superb Greenlight Bookstore in Ft. Greene this Saturday, December 17, to knock out your holiday shopping—and get it lovingly gift-wrapped by ReadThis’s crack team of scotch-tape warriors! All tips will go to ReadThis to buy books for a library or classroom in need. You’ll support a local bookseller, expand access to good books, and marvel at the ribbon-curling technique of New York City’s leading lit nerds! Greenlight: 686 Fulton Street (at So. Portland), Brooklyn

14 Days to Buy 48 books for these Harlem kids

NYC students competing in a Battle of the Books competition last year

For as little as $5.99 you can get a book into the hands of a 4th or 5th grader in West Harlem. These kids want to compete in Battle of the Books, but they need help getting the books. Can we buy them a total of 48 books in the next 14 days so they are ready to compete?

This link takes you to the wishlist at an independent bookstore in Brooklyn:

Listen to ReadThis – and volunteer

Jeffrey Rotter (left) at a ReadThis book drive event

If you want to hear what ReadThis has done and hopes to do in the next months, listen to this NYU radio interview with ReadThis board members, Jeffrey Rotter and Biz Mitchell.