James Michener on Kent State

James Michener on his 1971 book of reporting, Kent State, What Happened and Why

“When those National Guardsmen fired on those students in the spring of 1970, killing four of them and wounding nine, I felt compelled to understand what happened. I think we all saw that this was a kind of watershed point, that we were heading in a direction that nobody wanted to go. One of the things I’m proudest about in my life, is that I went into a very complex situation after the shootings at Kent State with only my own resources, and not very extensive ones, and by patient legwork and by talking with a huge number of people and listening and putting things together, I covered it about as well as the FBI did with 500 agents and all the police powers and subpoena powers at their disposal.” – (Talking with Michener, by Lawrence Grobel)

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