Jamaica Kincaid Never Forgives or Forgets

Blogger Maude Newton had an interesting piece on Jamaica Kincaid today, a favorite writer and friend to young readers who pitched in on the ReadThis/The Center for Fiction effort to get books for NYC kids. Check out the longer piece and the clip on Newton’s blog, but here’s some of Kincaid’s tough talk on memoir:

“During this hour-and-a-half lecture, Kincaid also reads her ‘Biography of a Dress.’ She often writes from life, but once she includes a memory in her writing, ‘I’ve dispensed with it and it is no longer of any literary interest to me.’ And she ‘rule[s] out the memoir… The minute you start thinking of things as memoir, it caramelizes and beautifies things. Implied in memoir is forgiveness that I don’t feel. I never forgive and I never forget, and I’m never cathartic.’ See also Kincaid’s The Estrangement.’

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