In Praise of Thor

Every now and again, people knock you out with their generosity. Such is the case with Thor Magnus and Nordic Custom Builders of Greenwich, Connecticut.

About a year ago, ReadThis sponsored a large book drive for the Leadership Institute, a public high school in the Bronx, with absolutely no library. As the administrators put it:

“For the past three years our school has been without a library or an appropriate space to accommodate a full library.  The Leadership Institute will be graduating its first senior class this year. We have done our best to provide a quality education to our students, but without a library or computer lab it has been a struggle.”

Answering that call, ReadThis members donated a tremendous collection of books and delivered them to a special room that the teachers and staff had given up  in the crowded school so there might be a library. There was only one problem; the school thought they had the promise of the Department of Education for bookshelves, but the DOE said no go. Wrote the school:

“The books that have been donated to us will assist in making a library a possibility. Although we have a room to create a small library, the school does not have the shelves to display the great books.  A few of the books are displayed in on a shelf that is attached to the wall and the rest are stored in the closets. If there is any way you can assist us with this problem, it will be highly appreciated.”

ReadThis went in search of a company that might donate the shelves, but with no success from the big box stores. And then we found Nordic Custom Builders. And Thor Magnus. He visited the school, took measurements, drew up designs based on the school’s desires and specifications, and installed the shelves. He is a hero in our book, and we want to take a moment to give him the credit he deserves.

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