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Brooklyn Report: What Your Book Donations Meant to One School

Dear ReadThis and ReadThis Members, Happy New Year! Here at PAVE Academy Charter School in Red Hook, Brooklyn, we can say with confidence that our students had a very happy New Year thanks to the generosity of ReadThis and its members. We received a very large donation of gently used books from ReadThis in December […]

Wrapper’s Delight, pt. 2

ReadThis volunteers put in a weekend of gift-wrapping at Brooklyn’s Greenlight Bookstore the weekend before Christmas. All tips went to supplement the classroom libraries at nearby PS 46. They burned through rolls of paper and yards of Scotch tape, and when the dust cleared, they’d collected $668—enough to send more than FIFTY NEW BOOKS to […]

Books for Bushwick, Brooklyn: Thanks ReadThis donors

On MLK Day, ReadThis would like to thank the people whose community service in late 2010 led to a financially strapped public school in Bushwick, Brooklyn, getting 49 sets of 5 books each for their small reading groups. This elementary school, PS 376A, asked ReadThis to help inspire its young readers by providing series for […]

From one book lover to another

A student from public charter school, PAVE Academy in Red Hook, Brooklyn, with one of the ReadThis book drive donations.

Thank you, ReadThis members, for your generous 2010

So many ReadThis members dug deep at the end of 2010 to help their fellow book lovers, we’re going to have to thank you all in waves. Let’s start with the general book drives in November that gathered donations for New York City public schools in need from the Bronx, to Harlem, to Red Hook, to […]