Thank you, ReadThis members, for your generous 2010

So many ReadThis members dug deep at the end of 2010┬áto help their fellow book lovers, we’re going to have to thank you all in waves.

Let’s start with the general book drives in November that gathered donations for New York City public schools in need from the Bronx, to Harlem, to Red Hook, to Bushwick and on. Many of you hauled your donations to the book-drive host locations in the wintry weather, or mailed them on your own to the schools. The book drive locations in November collected about 1,550 books. Another 1,135, plus about 9 other boxes were mailed in directly to the schools. That’s about 2,955 total, thanks to your good work.

On top of that, a couple of boxes went off to the troops overseas, thanks to Laurie Brown and Elizabeth Royte.

Below are people we know to thank. If you donated, but were unable to get your name on a list, please alert us at so we can properly acknowledge your heroic efforts.

Book Drive Hosts (who volunteered their homes one Saturday to receive donations)

Caroline and Buster Black

Roslyn Biskin

Katha Pollitt (board member)

Book Delivery to the Schools

Craig Lively

Peter Harper (board member)

Biz Mitchell (board member)

Book Donors

Jonathan Galassi of FSG (about 100 books)

Katherine Bouton

Wendy Kassel

Adam and Lara Morrison

Thea Schell

Jan Ledbetter

Daniel and Ben Zitin

Karen and Marin and other residents of 175 Riverside Drive

Emily Hartzell of The Neighborhood School (10 crates)

Fran Manushkin

Miriam Berkley

Katha Pollitt (board member)

Henrietta and Brett Pertuz

Lisa Featherstone

Jennifer Thomson

Karin Wood

Carl (who was double-parked)

Laurie Brown (7 boxes mailed)

Vickie An

Sarah Borden

Libby Borden

Judy Hottensen (board member)

Ian and Stina Sopko

Lucy and Gigi Bryce

Gail Rose

Danielle Avsrotas

Kim Maier


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