Books for Bushwick, Brooklyn: Thanks ReadThis donors

On MLK Day, ReadThis would like to thank the people whose community service in late 2010 led to a financially strapped public school in Bushwick, Brooklyn, getting 49 sets of 5 books each for their small reading groups.

This elementary school, PS 376A, asked ReadThis to help inspire its young readers by providing series for the students to read together. Currently, only 40 percent of the students are reading at grade level, but the principal and vice principal hoped to create small teams of 5 students each. The groups will take turns working their way through the series.

You came through and now 245 books are being sent off to the school. We would like to thank everyone who spread the word, and particularly Stephanie Anderson and Christine Onorati at Word Bookstore in Brooklyn, who not only translated the school’s wishlist to their site and are shipping the books off to the school, but put up an in-store promotion during the holiday season to let customers know how they might help.

The wishlist still has a few more books left to buy, so if you are so inclined, please help:

In the meantime, our special thanks goes to the following:

Cindy Bryce

Toby Bryce

Ingrid Buckner

Bikram Chatterji

Katharine Crane

Mimi Crowell

Katharine Freeman

Richard Giorgi

Tara Goodrich

Lisa Govan

Craig Harrison

Karen Hudes

Wendy Hughes

Ellaine Irizarry

Emily Kite

Rosina Lardieri

Vanessa Lilly

Jack McGuire

Suzanne Mitchell

Seth Mnookin

Katha Pollitt

Hilary Redmon

Sarah Robbins

Frank Rubino

Lisa Schermerhorn

Amanda Stokes

Anne Swartz

Falicia Valdez

Joanna Yas

Kate Yourke

Margaret Zambiasi

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