Wrapper’s Delight, pt. 2

ReadThis volunteers put in a weekend of gift-wrapping at Brooklyn’s Greenlight Bookstore the weekend before Christmas. All tips went to supplement the classroom libraries at nearby PS 46. They burned through rolls of paper and yards of Scotch tape, and when the dust cleared, they’d collected $668—enough to send more than FIFTY NEW BOOKS to the kids at PS 46.

Thanks so much to Rebecca and Jessica at Greenlight Bookstore for inviting us and making the event so successful. Thanks to the patrons who tipped so generously. (See, people who buy books are good people.) And thanks to everyone who gave up precious holiday shopping days to wrap and make a difference for the kids at PS 46!

Elliott Holt
Emily Cavedon
Margaret McCartney
Natalie Standiford
Catherine Wirtz
Melissa Walker
Violet Sorrentino
Amy Hundley
Judith Dieckmann

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