Brooklyn Report: What Your Book Donations Meant to One School

Telia Kapteyn teaching with one of the books donated to PAVE by a ReadThis member

Dear ReadThis and ReadThis Members,

Happy New Year! Here at PAVE Academy Charter School in Red Hook, Brooklyn, we can say with confidence that our students had a very happy New Year thanks to the generosity of ReadThis and its members. We received a very large donation of gently used books from ReadThis in December and the timing could not have been better. Around the mid-point of the year classroom libraries need replenishment and new titles, students have grown as readers and need a larger selection of books, and families are looking for more books for their children to read and enjoy.

We were able to do so many meaningful things with the thousands of high-quality books that ReadThis donated. Teachers added to their libraries of “teaching books” or “touchstone texts” — resources used to teach foundational literacy concepts and great writing skills. They also replenished and enhanced their classroom libraries, motivating students to read more as they had more options and topics of interest to read about. Finally, the number of books that we received allowed us to give each of our students more than 5 books to take home over the holidays. Many of our students more than doubled the number of books that they own because of this generous donation.

One of the biggest factors in motivating students to read is having an abundance of high-quality literature at their reading level. Your donation makes a significant impact on our students by motivating them to read more and improving the quality of resources in our classrooms. We would be excited to welcome anyone from ReadThis to visit the school and see our super star readers in action. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help arrange this.

Again, thank you for your generous gift to PAVE Academy Charter School. We are extremely appreciative.


Jeremy Abarno

Instructional Coach

PAVE Academy Charter School

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