Thank you from South Dakota. You got kids reading…

In 2012, ReadThis members donated 95 new wishlist books to the Oglala reservation library in South Dakota.

The Oglala Lakota College Library, with its several branches, is the only community library for the entire Pine Ridge Reservation. Located in the beautiful but harsh Badlands of South Dakota, Pine Ridge has the lowest per capita income in the U.S. and not a single bookstore. The librarians are working hard to improve services for children–and you helped them greatly by buying they wanted for their young readers.

ReadThis would like to thank our board member, Katha Pollitt, for all she did to organize this drive; Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn for posting the wishlist and being such a wonderful partner in encouraging people to buy the books and get them out to the reservation; and we would especially like to thank our members who purchased the 95 books. What a great contribution to these young readers! Here is a thank you from the librarian at Oglala, which we received just before the holidays:

This is just a note to the best of the best…..all of you out there that care about kids and care about a  library…… Thank you so much for your interest and generosity in our young people on the Pine Ridge Reservation!!! We are always looking for ways to get ‘our’ kids into the reading spirit and these books were absolutely wonderful! We send many, many good wishes to you and our friends for all you do,  happy days and holidays forever after!!!   Rest easy and stay well my friends!!!!

Michelle May, Director

OLC Woksape Tipi Academic & Public Library
Kyle, South Dakota

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