Do you want to help out a teen parent and their child? They are asking for a book.

ReadThis been asked to help the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center collect books for their teen parents. The books could come at any time, but ideally, it would be great to have some to distribute at their holiday party which is coming up on December 9th. So if you love reading, want to help, and have a new book to give, or a book in good enough condition that you would give it to a friend, please read on.

duckThe program

The Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center provides free medical care – including dental and optical services – and mental health care for disadvantaged adolescents ages 10-24, as well as a range of specialized services. One of these specialized services is a Teen Parenting Program, which folds parent education and peer support activities into the primary care services. Part of the services is a Reach Out and Read Program is geared towards the children of the center’s teen parents; the children’s  ages range from newborns to 7 years old. The goal is to help the parents engage in reading with their kids, and learn more about being a great parent.

They want books

Board books, picture books, and easy reader chapter books would be wonderful.

Also, any books on parenting or parent child activities, etc. would also be of use. The Teen Parents range from 13 – 24 years, and primarily come from disadvantaged backgrounds. In addition to medical and mental health care, one of the goals through Reach Out and Read and the Teen Parenting Program is to provide education on the children’s growth and development and creating strong bonds, which is accomplished through a variety of activities throughout the year, celebrating the holidays, gardening activities in the summer, and more. Any parenting books or magazines, that provided health or parenting tips, activity ideas for kids, information on healthy cooking and eating, etc. would be incredibly useful. Books and magazines should be relevant to an inner city urban youth.

As for condition, new is always ideal, but the center could definitely use and distribute gently used books that are in good condition. For the newborns through two, books should only be new for health reasons (as they tend to chew on books).
Where to send your books

The mailing address is:

attn: Margaret Menghini

Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center
320 East 94th Street, 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10128.

If you have further questions, please email us at

Let’s try to get them a good supply for the holiday party.

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