NYC students competing in a Battle of the Books competition last year

Please buy a book for as little as $5.99 to help inspire young readers

Battle of the Books groups students in teams to compete on knowledge and remembered trivia about a group of 12 exciting titles. The program builds confidence, teamwork and a love of reading. For the two West Harlem public schools ReadThis is trying to help, these books are a huge gift. The schools do not have a library and with tight budgets, new books are scarce. Please buy the students a book. Competition begins in October 2011 and runs through March. We will let you know how the students make out!

Click on this link to access the wishlist, held at a Brooklyn independent bookstore. The bookstore and ReadThis will arrange free shipping to the school:


Wedding Registries: If you would like to share a part of your wedding registry with a school or youth organization badly in need of books, we can help you set up an online purchasing link with your favorite independent bookseller and find you a group to benefit. This is a gift that will keep on giving to a long line of students. For more information, please contact:

Learn more about how to donate by contacting us at

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