ReadThis is run entirely by volunteers. Our members host book drives, deliver books, help with the design of our website and publicity material, and find schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, and other locations that need help. Writers can volunteer by giving readings or visiting a school or shelter free of charge. In one case, a volunteer even built book shelves for a school that needed them. ReadThis wants your help, no matter where you live; our projects might take place in your region, or be nationwide.

If you are willing to offer your services in any of these capacities listed above, or in any ingenious way we hadn’t yet thought of, please email us at info@readthisbook.us

Include your name, city, contact email (and phone if you wish), and the way in which you would like to volunteer.

We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you!



* South Carolina ReadThis members hosted a book drive for the St. Bernard Parish Andrew Jackson Middle School in Louisiana
ReadThis members in the Friends of Pickens County Library, Sarlin Branch in Liberty, SC, collected and shipped over 1,000 books to help rebuild the Andrew Jackson Middle School library wiped out by Katrina

* ReadThis members bought 35 copies of Not Afraid of Dogs for Behind the Book’s program in the 1st grade of C.S. 21 in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.
The program brings the author to the classroom three times to talk about the book and work on student writing. The online purchases were facilitated through Word Bookstore in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

* ReadThis donations to Andrew Jackson Middle School in Louisiana now total over 2,500 books; Board member, Jeffrey Rotter, visited the site when he wad down there and made a short video touring the library

* In November, ReadThis held book drives at 3 locations in NYC to benefit 7 public schools in East Harlem, the Bronx, and Brooklyn; approximately 2,955 books were raised and delivered to the schools

* ReadThis members purchased 245 books in specific class sets for PS 376A elementary school in Bushwick, Brooklyn
This school in a low-income neighborhood was looking for intriguing series for their students to read in small groups, with the hope of elevating reading scores. Word Bookstore facilitated the purchases by putting the lists online, and in fact, asked its regular patrons to finish the list, purchasing another 36 books.

* ReadThis members volunteered their time to giftwrap for tips at Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, over the holiday season. They were able to buy 50 new books for PS 46, an elementary school in the Fort Greene neighborhood

* ReadThis in partnership with the NYU students for Greek Life, delivered over 5,000 books to three elementary public schools in Brooklyn greatly in need

* ReadThis helped coordinate the National Book Award Foundation’s generous donation of 80 books to the Andrew Jackson Middle School in Louisiana, and 138 books to KAPPA V, a public middle school in Brooklyn, NY

* ReadThis helped coordinate the Weinstein Company’s donation of 500 copies of “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy to Science Skills Center HS in Brooklyn and to the Bronx Academy

* Two five-year-old ReadThis members hosted a birthday party at which guests were asked to bring a new book for PS 46 in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, a school ReadThis identified as being in need of help. Beckett and his mother delivered the books to the principal.

* ReadThis began raised books for a 145-bed residential senior center in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

– created a library of 1,524 books and counting for the Andrew Jackson Middle School in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, a school reopening this summer for the first time post-Katrina but which had been virtually bookless

– bought 35 copies each of “Hamlet,” “The Chocolate War,” and “The Joy Luck Club” for the Women’s Academy of Excellence in the Bronx to fulfill their wish for classroom use

– bought $500 work of classics for the Women’s Academy of Excellence in the Bronx, and books from some of the girls’ personal wishlists

– built bookshelves for The Leadership Institute in the Bronx, a high-school that had no library until ReadThis supplied one

– delivered over a dozen large boxes of brand new and gently used books for the Science Skills Center High School, a public school in Brooklyn

– through the wedding registry of ReadThis members, purchased 90 wishlist books for a classroom of the Anna Silver School on the Lower East Side of New York; 34 copies of A People’s History of the United States for New York public school, HS 600 for classroom use; 34 books for library use for Anna Silver and the St. Bernard Parish schools; plus 25% of the wish list for Andrew Jackson Middle School

-in partnership with The Center for Fiction, acquired thousands of books (achieving the numbers requested) for the Bellevue Pediatric ward; KEEN New York; Bushwick IMPACT; P.S. 54 in Bedford Stuyvesant; Women’s Academy of Excellence in the Bronx; Kingsbridge Innovative Design School; Science Skills Center High School; P.S. 20, the Anna Silver School; The Women’s Youth Leadership School in Harlem; and The Women’s Youth Leadership School in Queens

– in partnership with The Center for Fiction, purchased 35 copies each of “Things Fall Apart,” “Three Cups of Tea,” and 26 copies of “Romeo and Juliet” for the Women’s Academy of Excellence in the Bronx; 25 copies of “How Many” for P.S. 20 The Anna Silver School; 35 copies of Lorca poetry anthologies for TWYLS Harlem; and acquired 35 copies of “Our Choice” by Al Gore, as well as assorted books from the schools’ wish lists

-ReadThis members purchased 50 copies of “The Bell Jar” and 50 copies of “The Wisdom of Insecurity” for English classes at the Science Skills Center High School, a public school in Brooklyn. Thanks to the donors and to Word Bookstore of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, a great partner on this project.

Susan Adams
Michael Alter
Holly Arrow
Charles Baldwin
Lori Bednar
Margo Berdeshevsky
Roslyn Biskin
Robin Black
David Boudinot
Ada Calhoun
Nichole Cerimele
John Chaisson
Whitney Chandler
Patricia Chui
Rachel Clarke
Ambriel Floyd
Kim France
Ruth Franklin
Su Friedrich
Lisa Govan
Chris Griffault
Caitlin Hannon
Karen Hudes
Donna Hunt
Emily Kite
Lorraine Martindale
Joan Mazza
Margaret Mirabella
Biz Mitchell
Lexi Mitchell
Suzanne Mitchell
Tamara Moscowitz
Tshinguta Perry
Tara Polen
Katha Pollitt
Valerie Ringe
Martin Ruiz
Natalie Standiford
Matt Tyrnauer
Melissa Walker
Gypsie Winslade
Ema Yamashiro
Yvonne Zylan


Thanks to all of you, the October ReadThis Book Drive for NYC kids in need was a huge success! Incarnation Children’s Center enjoys a fully stocked library; P.S. 307, Eames Place in the Bronx received about 3,000 books; and the daycare centers for the NY homeless shelters now have much needed titles for their shelves. ReadThis member, 12-year-old Theo Cooper is on the Wall of Heroes at P.S. 307 for his massive work gathering books as his bar mitzvah project.

The ReadThis Board would like to heartily thank everyone who hosted a drop-off site, hauled books, drove a delivery vehicle, spread the word, or donated a book. The list is below. (If you are not on the list but donated, please let us know at readthisorg@gmail.com, so we may include you.)

David Blaustein
Theo, Sari and Steven Cooper
Christine Foley and Paul Sperduto, at Moon River Chattel, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Kerry McIlroy
Ceridwen Morris
Kathy Kemp at Anna, New York, NY
Meg McConney Mirabella
Alexandra Ringe
Elisa Bluming and Beth Meyers of Bluming Studio (Pilates), Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Brandon Battersby
Buster Black
Caroline Bishop Black
David Blaustein
Toby Bryce
Roslyn Biskin
Ada Calhoun
Theo Cooper
Sari Cooper
Peter Harper
Meg Kellerman
Craig Lively
Elizabeth Melson
Biz Mitchell
Alexandra Ringe
Sven of Sven Moving (www.svenmoving.com)
Jeremy Witt

Susan Adams
Rosetta D’Alba
Marie D’Amico
Grattan Baldwin
Alleen Barber
Lori Barker-Bednar
Cathy Bennett
Alison Brower
Karen Brown
Marisa Butler
Ada Calhoun
Jenny Carchman
Dean Chadwin
Noel Claro
Andrea Harris Cohen
Norman Cohen
Wendy Cuba
Negi Darsses
Susanna Einstein
Andrew Ervin
Lorna Feeney
Rogene Fisher
Jenny Freeman
Barbara George
Sheryl Ginsberg
Lynn Goldner
Irina Gonzalez
Jim Hanas
Deborah Hayes
Shannon Holman
Elliott Holt
Judith Hottensohn and Weinstein Books
Shannon Hulbert
Amanda Insall
Caitlin Israel
Megan Kellerman
Rory Kerber Bernstein
Megan Kilgallen
Susan Kim
Gwen Kingsberry
Julie Klam
Paige Knight
Nicole Larosa
Michael Lazarus
Leslye Leaness
Michael Leone
Jacob Lewis
Barbara R. Marks
Jessica Marshall
Jennifer Maxwell
Megan McCafferty
Lillia Mead
Elizabeth Melson
Colin Miner
Jennifer Mirabella
Meg Mirabella
Regina Capogrosso Mirabella
Lexi Mitchell
Suzanne Mitchell
Richela Morgan
Ceridwen Morris
Tamara Moskowitz
Scott Neumyer
Christian Ochoa
Paul O’Donnell
Caren Piela Scoropanos
Debbie Poccia
Katha Pollitt
Joy Press
Mark Purnell
Alexandra Ringe
St. Mark’s Bookshop
Magali Selosse-Bishop
Kayla Serrano
Sue Smith
Regan Solmo
Barbara Spizzirro
Michel Stacey
Darcey Steinke
Rene Steinke
Kathleen Sweeney
Mimi Thompson
Pat Tobin
Sarah Vining
Melissa Walker
Dawn Williams
Ema Yamashiro
Wendy Zoland

Thanks to the ReadThis members who bought the whole wishlist for the Brooklyn Collegiate library. These middle- and high-school students thank you. From last year, when they had barely any library to this year after your donations, their one month lending rate went from 23 books to 219 a month.

Thomas Berger
Crystal Black
Diana Combs
Joan Danzansky
Karen DeCesare
Lisa Govan
Christopher Griffault
Megan Griffault
Suzanne Mitchell
Tamara Moscowitz
Katha Pollitt
Jeffrey Rotter
Mary Soghomonian
Kieran Viola


Thank you to all the donors who made Fourth of July 2009 a bit better for U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan by sending care packages of books. The donations were greatly appreciated.

Rene Ashley
Peter Barlow
Denise Brodey
Toby Bryce
Lesley Clark
Walter Cummins
Frank Espada
Melody Feldman
Gloria Feldt
Chris Finck
Kelley Davis Flanders
Kim France
Juan Gaddis
Samantha Gillison
Elliott Holt
Wendy Zipes Hunter
Michaela Kashgarian
Marjorie Keyishian
Terry King
Tim Lousma
Paula Maxwell
Martha McPhee
Michael Miller
Michael Lee
Herbert Leibowitz
Craig Marks
Terra Meierdierck
Chloe Yelena Miller
Michael Miller
Andrew Mitchell
Suzanne Franco Mitchell
Stephanie Mitterko
Ceridwen Morris
Eileen Houlihan Moustats
Barbara O’Dair
Rita Signorelli Pappas
Joy Press
Susanna Russell
Laurie Schafer
Janelle Small, and her fourth-grade class
Lorena Smith
Regan Solmo
Marisa Schwartz
Rene Steinke
Tifferet Journal
Shawn Toops
Anna Utevsky
Tammy Dudley Weisinger
Jill Brickus Wilson


Thanks to the people who bought the 30 copies of Animal Farm online for the English classes at the Leadership Institute in the Bronx. The students have begun studying the book, and 15% of the sales will go directly from Book Culture, an independent bookstore in Manhattan, to the school as a donation.

Lucy Anderson
Allison Devers
Kim France
Chris Griffault
Lexi Mitchell
Mary Soghomonian

In March, ReadThis hosted a series of events to create a library for the Leadership Institute, a public high school in the Bronx, that had no library. Now they do.

Our biggest thanks goes to our hosts and drivers. They gave the use of their homes, time and muscle:

David Blaustein
Terry Kaelber
Craig Lively
Maren McCarter
Katha Pollitt
Alexandra Ringe

To the book donors at the drives:

Diane Archer
Jeanne Beaumont
Caroline Bishop
Sally Bondor
Katherine Bouton
Marie Ellen Butera
Ada Calhoun
Marie-Jeanne Callahan
Rachel Cantor
Sarah Chalfant
Desert Island Books
Lisa Govan
Elliott Holt
Rose Fox
Friends of Leonard Library
Emily Goodman
Jen Jones
Joseph Lulgjuraj
Steven Lukes
Lisa Kassel
Richard Kassel
Thomas Maeglin
Megan McCafferty
Becca Menon
The Nation
Doris Palca
Tara Polen
Jeffrey Rotter
Gail Rubin
Thea Schell
Ruth Silver
Hillary Weisman
The Wylie Agency
and many more who donated without registering their names

Thanks to those bought books or served as volunteers at the Books of Wonder event:

David Levithan, organizer of the Teen Author Festival
Peter Glassman, owner of Books of Wonder, and all of the extremely helpful employees at the store including Patty and Conrado.

Cathy Andronike
Elise Broach
Elka Cloke
Rene Combs
Sari Cooper
Elizabeth Fineberg
Abbie Hornburg
Elisa Karp
Dina Klaeyman
Justine Larbalestier
E. Lockhart
Megan McCafferty
Natalie Standiford
Darcey Steinke
Rene Steinke
Adrienne Maria Vrettos
and many more who donated without registering their names

If you contributed and do not see your name on the list, please let us know at readthisorg@gmail.com

Thanks to the Friends of Leonard Library for partnering with ReadThis to send 210 books to troops in Iraq at the end of February.

On Martin Luther King Day, we hosted a book drive to provide books to Brooklyn Collegiate, a public middle/high school that had virtually no collection. We had the participation of over 77 active volunteers. ReadThis delivered the books on the morning of Inauguration Day.

Thanks to our volunteers, on site and off:

On site:

Joan Altman
Dorothy Barnhouse
James Barry
Chris Beckett
Roslyn Biskin
David Blaustein
Sally Bondor
Hannah Broholm-vail
Toby Bryce
Kathleen Chambard
Cassie Charles
Frances Chewning
Mike Ciardi
Michael Connor
Jillian Corbett
Meghan Czerwinski
Pam Dick
Kiara Downey
Mike Dressel
Christine Foley
Kim France
Su Friedrich
Lauren Gaskill
Erin Gentile
Rebekah and Jacob Gluvsheski
Andrea Hill
Elliott Holt
Karen Hudes
Terry Kaelber
Khadija Kamara
Wendy Klemperer
Yuri Kwon
Ann Landowne
Craig Marks
Emily Maynor
Mariah McClean
Kavita Menon
Biz Mitchell
Lexi Mitchell
Christine Newhard
Chris Norton
Leslie Nuchow-Hartzell
Beth Price
Ellen Rand
Meghan Redding
Valerie Ringe
Selina Rutovitz
Natalie Sandoral
Ann Schaetzel
Adam Simon
Janelle and Mark Small
Tabeo Soriano
Erin Spaminato
Natalie Standiford
Caitlin Steitzer
Dialto Stevens
Terese Svaboda
Rene Steinke
Caitlin Steitzer
Eri Stop
Elisabeth Subrin
James Thacher
Julie Turley
Carol Walkin
Stuart Weinberg
Kate Wisda
Caleb Wisdorf

Off-site donors who mailed books:

Lucy Anderson
Trey Beck
Lori Bednar
Liz Riley Bressel
Sarah Chalfant, Wylie Agency
Rachel Cohn
Ann Dagmar
Kelly Davis Flanders
Peter Finfrock
Lisa Govan
Judy Hottensen
Melissa Hulse
Ann Dagmar Johnson
Susan Miller
Addie Mitchell
Elizabeth M. Mitchell
Beth Myers
Christina Prostano
Jeff Rabhan
Janet Rietman
Sally Sebastian
Mary Della Torre Soghomonian
Chris Sulavik
Weinstein Publishing
Gypsie Winslade

In December, we hosted a book drive for troops overseas and a toy and book drive for kids living in poverty in New York. We were able to ship over 1,200 books to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and deliver 18 large boxes of books and toys to Catholic Charities for distribution through Brooklyn and Queens.

Thanks to:
Kelly Aderhold
Philip Bardin
Julie Bleha
Henry Bostic
Myrf Bowry
Julie Bryce
Letty Bryce
Marie Butera
Ada Calhoun
CavanKerry Press
Walter Cummins
Barclay DuPriest
Fairleigh Dickinson University English Dept.
Chris Finck
Christine Foley
Elizabeth Gilbert
Megan Griffault
Elliott Holt
Harry Keyishian
Matt Lee
Linden Tree Preschool
Ann Mitchell
Chris Mitchell
Sam Mitchell
Theresa Montalbano
Nan Mooney
Ceridwen Morris
Beth Myers
Sara Nelson
Linda Pellegrini
Gaia Schermerhorn
Sarah Stewart
Gennie Stuart
John Stuart
Chris Sulavik
Jennifer Sunderland
Tiger Lily Postal Service
Jena Watson
Kate Yourke

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